Thursday, 8 September 2011

Young smasher Claudia Johnson is on the Road to Wimbledon

Tim Henman's Wimbledon Road for Young smasher Claudia Johnson to get a special training session.

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Road to Wimbledon U14 national the
Year 7 Bedford Modern School pupil student participated in open competition and both club and county for a week in the finals by winning Wimbledon is a tournament competition.

12-year-old in mid-July in the county's largest national grass court tournament finals, winning 63 boys and 64 girls got together with his place.

They begins with three round robin games, with four of the last leg was divided into 16 boxes.

Center Court and Court Number One of Johnson's championship played on Court 15, a
nd two in the bottom end of the group went into a draw for sure.

She 6-4 6-1 quarter-final where they, to lose the next two games left to win.

As a result, Johnson, with Henman at Wimbledon on Saturday in a training clinic is a safe place, where she was one of the youngest players.

She said: “It was a really amazing experience playing on the grass courts at Wimbledon, taking part in the practice sessions on the indoor facilities, a players’ dinner and the general atmosphere of a really major national tennis tournament.

“To meet Tim Henman was a real honour and privilege.

“He was a top international player and I admire him. I even picked up some tips on volleying from him!”

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